Not All WordPress Themes Are Created Equal

We use the Genesis Framework as the rock-solid foundation upon which we build all WordPress themes. It is by far the best framework we have ever used.


Having the Genesis Framework for the foundation of your WordPress theme means your new blog design will have:

Awesome Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Clean, organized code is used to make it easy for search engines to see and index your WordPress site.
Top-Notch Security - The developers of the Genesis Framework brought in a security expert and core WordPress developer to make sure they built a framework that follows all WordPress security best practices.
Super-Fast Performance - Lightweight, clean code is used to make sure your WordPress theme will load as quickly as possible. Search engines, like Google, love fast loading sites?
Cross-Browser Compatibility - HTML5 is used to make sure your site shows well across a variety of web browsers, including mobile browsers. This also means your site will be mobile responsive. 
Automatic Updates - Many WordPress sites are hacked or have their security breached simply because an outdated theme or version of WordPress is being used. With just a click of a button, the Genesis Framework is automatically updated. You can instantly upgrade to the newest version of WordPress and the Genesis framework without worrying about the look of your new theme being compromised.